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Hamas prevents 37 children from participating in trip organized by Israeli peace activists

Headline: “Hamas prevented 37 children, children of Martyrs, from visiting Israel and the West Bank”
“The [trip] organizers said that the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip yesterday [Dec. 28, 2014] prevented a group of children who lost their fathers in the last Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip (i.e., 2014 Gaza War) from traveling to Israel through the Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing, and said that it is a visit that constitutes normalization.
The Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip, ruled by Hamas, prevented the group from crossing the border due to the ‘suspicious’ route the children would take in the visit.
A group of Israeli peace activists said that they received a permit from the Israeli army to bring in 37 children and five escorts, in order to take a week-long tour of Israel and the occupied West Bank. Yoel Marshak, an activist (of the Kibbutz Movement –Ed.) whose name appears on the Israeli permit, said that the group included children of Hamas fighters who were killed in the war, which lasted 51 days.
Marshak said that it was decided that the children would tour the Arab cities within the Green Line and in the southern areas. Likewise, it was decided that they would be present at the performance of an Israeli-Arab group, would visit a mixed Arab-Jewish school, and the Tel Aviv beach, and also visit the Safari.”