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PA arrests student affiliated with Hamas

Al-Jazeera website (Arabic)  |
“For the tenth consecutive day, the Palestinian intelligence establishment has been detaining Ismat Al-Qassem, a
student at the [Arab] American University, one of 35 students arrested recently by the PA [Security] establishment – according to Hamas, for their activity in the Islamic Block, the Hamas student movement. Yesterday [Dec. 30, 2014], Al-Qassem’s family succeeded in discovering his location, following the intervention of the Independent Council for Human Rights. The family fears that the conclusion of his studies will be postponed, as he has already been held up for five years due to the policy of arrests and prosecution… The director of the West Bank program of the Independent Palestinian Council for Human Rights, attorney Musa Abu Dheim… emphasized that most of the detainees had been subjected to torture, maltreatment and humiliation, and had been held in solitary confinement or in places that did not meet even the minimal [conditions] prescribed by law; in some of the cases, the [prisoners’] relatives had even been forbidden from visiting them.”