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US responsible for IS and Muslim ‎Brotherhood terrorism; “All the word’s ‎unrest begins and ends in the US”‎

Op-ed by Yahya Rabah, columnist for the ‎official PA daily and member of the Fatah ‎Leadership Committee in Gaza.
     ‎“IS has brought terrorism in the Arab ‎region to the height of its ugliness, and ‎many of the accusations indicate that it ‎‎(IS) is a 100% an American product, ‎whether directly or indirectly. For had the ‎US not destroyed the Iraqi state and its ‎army, institutions, national unity and ‎ancient heritage, IS would have never ‎been established or have been capable of ‎existing.‎ Therefore, the US is the source of all this ‎terrorism - from the terrorism of the Muslim ‎Brotherhood and its adherents in Egypt ‎and the rest of the region‏ ‏to the Israeli ‎terrorism in Palestine, with its insane ‎actions and destructive wars. ‎Furthermore, all the world’s unrest begins ‎and ends in the US. ‎
If we examine the hearts of people around ‎the world, we may be surprised to discover ‎that the emir of IS, [Abu Bakr] Al-‎Baghdadi, inspires more confidence than ‎Obama, for Al-Baghdadi acts as he ‎preaches, while the Americans play false, ‎loathsome peace-songs, but only increase ‎injustice, aggression and hatred with their ‎actions.‎
Hasn’t hatred of the United States ‎remained high even among those who ‎accept its will? Can any official in the US ‎administration, including President ‎Obama himself, justify, or convince even ‎just the world’s children of his opposition ‎to the proposal submitted by the ‎Palestinian leadership to end the [Israeli] ‎occupation? These and all similar ‎questions have one loud answer: No. The ‎US is not convincing, the US is not ‎honest; the US is not fair; the US is the ‎greatest violator of international ‎humanitarian law in Palestine. The US ‎grants its reputation and power freely, as a ‎gift, to anyone on the world terrorism ‎stage. These [terror organizations] have ‎nothing to cover for them but the US’ ‎conduct and its bias in their favor. ‎Congratulations to the United States on a ‎new year of hatred.”‎