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Fatah Central Committee member: US is the "enemy of nations"

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At a ceremony celebrating the founding of Fatah:
Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen:‎ “We are waging a fierce and ‎cruel battle, not just against the Israeli ‎occupation, but against the leader of world ‎imperialism, the enemy of the nations - the ‎United States of America, which sees the ‎region through Israeli, Zionist, racist and ‎fascist eyes only. If the Arabs and the ‎Muslims were to take a proper stand, the ‎US would understand that its interests are ‎in danger. But the US knows that no ‎matter what massacres it commits in the ‎region, or what positions it takes against ‎the interests of the nations of the region, ‎these states and regimes will not respond ‎against its interests and policies.” ‎