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Official PA daily glorifies the "self-sacrificing squad of the Fatah Movement" who "infiltrated the occupied Palestinian land"

Headline: “Fatah will continue to lead the path of the struggle and the diplomatic path of our people for the establishment of an independent state whose capital is Jerusalem”
“On the first day of January, 1965, the first shot was fired when the first self-sacrificing squad of the Fatah Movement infiltrated the occupied Palestinian land, and blew up (sic., the explosive failed to detonate) the Eilabun tunnel (i.e., Israel’s National Water Carrier), through which water was brought from the Jordan [River] to the Negev, in order to build settlements in which the Jewish immigrants would be housed.”

Bombing of Israel's National Water Carrier - On Jan. 1, 1965, Palestinian terrorists attempted to bomb Israel's National Water Carrier. This was the first attack against Israel carried out by Fatah. Fatah refers to the attack as the “Intilaqa”, meaning “the Launch” of Fatah.