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JNS on PMW bulletin: Fatah marks its 50th anniversary by anticipating a world without Israel

Stephen M. Flatow  |

If pictures are worth a thousand words,
how about maps?

by Stephen M. Flatow

Jan. 1 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of Fatah... Thanks to Palestinian Media Watch, however, we know exactly what kind of imagery Abbas’s Fatah is using to celebrate its 50th: maps that omit Israel. They have several colorful varieties. One shows all of Israel, labeled “Palestine,” with Yasser Arafat’s face superimposed on part of it. Another has “Palestine”—again, all of Israel—covered by a PLO flag, a kaffiyeh, and a large “50” that morphs into a hand flashing a V-for-Victory sign. Victory over Israel, that is. A third image shows a large hand grenade inside the “50.” Not too subtle... They all bear the same message: the goal of a world without Israel.


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