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Gazan worker happy to work in Israel, where compensation is better

Headline: “600,000 Gazans without daily income”
“The Gazans are experiencing a deep crisis that tops the list of crises which have accumulated over the past few years, - [a list] that includes several interrelated social crises, such as rampant unemployment, the spread of abject poverty and the decline in the level of income to 10 shekels per day, while over 600,000 [Gazans] live without daily income.
Worker Mahmoud Abdallah expressed his joy at the news of the ‘Israeli promises’ to allow a number of workers from the Gaza Strip to work within the Green Line (i.e., Israel). He said that poverty and necessity are ‘cursed ’, as they push the working class to want to work within the Green Line, due to the lack of work opportunities in the Gaza Strip. In addition, he noted that life circumstances have forced him to work as a driver for the owner of a rickety taxi, earning barely 15 shekels [per day] for himself and his sons, compared to the 300 shekels per day he used to earn as a construction worker in Israel.”