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Official PA daily: Ancient Arab tribes were "Palestinian"

Headline: “Arabe – palaces, stories, and history”
“The village of Arabe is located on the northern side of the Nablus mountains, south west of the city of Jenin, which is located behind it and 12 kilometers from it…
The history of the building of the two palaces (i.e., the palaces of Abd Al-Qadir Abd Al-Hadi and Hussein Abd Al-Hadi) goes back to the 19th century, and they are a part of the old city of Arabe. At the moment it is possible to visit both of these monuments, which were connected to the rise of the local feudal class at the time and the establishment of the [local] leadership against the central Ottoman rule. These leaders had an influential role in Palestinian history, and particularly during the civil war that Palestine experienced in the 19th century between the Qays and Yaman parties (i.e., ancient Arab tribes – the Qays originating in the northern Arabian Peninsula, and the Yaman in the southern Arabian Peninsula), in which the Muslim, Christian, and Druze Palestinians were divided by their tribal origin – Qays or Yaman.”

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