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Attempted murder is Palestinian “pride,” according to PA daily

Op-ed by Faiz Abu Shamala, Hamas-affiliated columnist for the official PA daily:
Headline: Have you watched the stabbing video of the two soldiers in Jerusalem?
     “Over the last two days, a video documenting Palestinian courage and heroism in the face of the enemies has spread [in the media]. The video testifies that Palestinian nationalism is dominant among the majority of the [Palestinian] people, and that cowardice and timidity are recessive traits... Every Palestinian has the right to feel proud of what is seen in the video of the stabbing of the two soldiers in Jerusalem. The Arab has the right to hold his head high and to assert with confidence: There are people among our nation such as this young man, who armed himself with a kitchen knife and attacked Israeli soldiers face to face - [soldiers] wearing bulletproof vests and carrying weapons, equipment, and technologically [advanced] means of protection and communication. Among our people there is such a young man, a man who believes in tomorrow and who will never be defeated. Zionist propaganda has failed to distort the image of the Palestinian youth, who demonstrate their excellent confrontation skills using new, creative means, transmitted to us through the video. [Such] an assault with a knife on two Zionist soldiers can only be described as a battle, and a battle is nothing less than an event that involves an existential struggle whose purpose was to destroy the existence of the enemy. Thus, the battle fought by the young Palestinian using nothing is thus elevated to the level of the battles in Gaza, which were also fought by resistance fighters using nothing.
These kinds of confrontations which frighten the enemy are excellent Palestinian examples of willpower and determination to win, especially since the young Palestinian in Jerusalem fought a battle which included a frontal assault and the stabbing of armed soldiers, followed by a physical confrontation and a chase, which the young Palestinian attacker survived. The video of the Palestinian storming and stabbing of Zionists serves as a school which demonstrates the bleeding in the heart of the entire Palestinian people.
Therefore, the Zionist media has been working diligently to distort and erase the incident in the video, since it humiliates the Israeli military establishment, presenting it in its weakest state. The video of the assault drew the interest and approval of every youth, man and woman in Palestine. Now, every Palestinian raises his hand holding a knife together with this young Palestinian, and stabs the Zionists. The video exemplifies the Palestinian hero fighting a battle on the ground, not on paper or behind luxurious desks. Therefore, every comment on the social networks and on websites glorifies this resistance operation, and scorns those who criticize the resistance fighter.”
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Note: Jerusalem stabbing attack – On Dec. 26, 2014, Muhammad Al-Ajlouni, a resident of East Jerusalem, stabbed two Israeli border police officers in the Old City of Jerusalem, injuring them lightly. He was arrested on Jan. 2, 2015.

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