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Speaker at Fatah rally glorifies Fatah ‎members who carried out Jihad and ‎Martyrdom-death ‎

Official PA TV Live  |
Official PA TV Live broadcast the central ‎Fatah rally marking the 45th anniversary ‎of the movement's founding
Speaker 1: "Our first message is to Israel. ‎We say to it and its extreme right-wing ‎government: The Palestinian people and ‎Fatah are losing patience. If matters ‎reach a dead end, Fatah has the right to ‎choose whatever [means] it deems ‎appropriate for establishing the ‎Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its ‎capital."‎
Speaker 2: "Greetings to the Fatah ‎members who awakened the desire for ‎Jihad and Martyrdom death (Istishhad). ‎Greetings to the courageous knights ‎who emphasized their wish for the honor ‎of Martyrdom (Shahada) and for the great ‎moment of Martyrdom death."‎