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Hamas rep: Kidnapping soldiers will empty Israeli prisons

Al-Risala, Hamas, newspaper  |
"Waed" Prisoners' Association ceremony
Representative Mussa: Operations to kidnap soldiers will continue
 “[PA Parliament] Representative [from Hamas] Yihya Mussa emphasized that prisoners can be freed only by continuing kidnapping operations…
He emphasized further that it is important to continue with operations to kidnap Israeli soldiers. He added: 'The [prisoner] exchange deal [for Gilad Shalit] will break all the [Israeli] rules and cross all the red lines that Israel has set down, since [Palestinians believe] there is no such thing as 'prisoners whose hands are stained with blood' [Israeli term for prisoners sentenced for murder], 'Jerusalem prisoners,' '1948 prisoners' [Israeli Arabs] or 'Arab prisoners' [citizens of other Arab countries]. All of them will be included within the [Shalit] deal, with no discrimination.'
He said further: 'We will not abandon the prisoners! The jails will be emptied through one strategy alone, which is resistance and the kidnapping of soldiers…'"