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Abbas condemns IS and says no one ‎has right to murder “any human being"‎

In his Christmas Eve speech, Abbas ‎strongly condemned IS and stated, “We ‎say to anyone who commits a crime ‎against any human being: Who gave [you] ‎the right to murder any human being?" ‎This statement stands in contrast to the ‎policy espoused by Abbas and his Fatah ‎party, in which Palestinians terrorist ‎murderers are glorified on a regular basis. ‎For examples, see here and ‎here.‎
‎     “[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas ‎participated in the midnight mass at the ‎Church of the Nativity and in the ‎Christmas celebrations according to the ‎Eastern calendar…”‎

‎[From the full version of Abbas’ speech at ‎the event:]‎

‎“We honestly say that we cannot imagine ‎Palestine without Christians, for they have ‎deep roots in this land. Since the Pact of ‎Umar (pact signed between the Muslims ‎and Christians of Syria after the Muslim ‎conquest of 637), we have been living in ‎harmony and there is no difference ‎between Christian and Muslim. And so we ‎will remain forever, Allah willing.‎

I must address the terrorism taking place ‎everywhere, which we are dealing with ‎and which we oppose. We say to anyone ‎who commits a crime against any human ‎being: Who gave [you] the right to murder ‎a Sunni, a Shia, a Christian, an Alawite or ‎a Yazidi? Who gave [you] the right to ‎murder any human being? (i.e., allusion to ‎crimes committed by the Islamic State ‎against people belonging to these faiths.)‎

We say to them: You have nothing to do ‎with religion or Islam; you are beside the ‎subject. Allah will call you to account for ‎the crimes being committed – [whether] ‎against Sunnis, Shias or Christians – but ‎Praise be to Allah, this issue does not ‎exist among us, for we are fully conscious, ‎and we live in a holy land that respects ‎human beings, sanctifies [human] blood ‎and protects its dignity.‎

Brothers, we have turned to the [UN] ‎Security Council because we have ‎despaired of any effort that may lead us to ‎a solution… We have not turned to ‎violence or killing, because that is not our ‎policy. Our policy is to address the ‎international community and the ‎international and diplomatic forums, in ‎order to attain our right and this nation’s ‎right to self-definition – [this nation,] which ‎for over six decades has lived, and is still ‎living, under occupation. And yet, ‎unfortunately, the Security Council has ‎failed – not us. It failed in realizing the ‎right recognized by the UN General ‎Assembly. There is heavy pressure, which ‎we do not wish to discuss. The question ‎is: What did we demand? We demanded a ‎Palestinian state with East Jerusalem, ‎occupied in 1967, as its capital. We are ‎asking for a [set] timeframe for ‎negotiations, but we will not agree to ‎unlimited negotiations, [which will go on] ‎forever.”‎