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Fatah glorifies terror attack that killed 37 civilians

Description of the image: Picture of the burned-out bus in ‎which dozens of civilians were murdered by bullets and hand grenades in the terror attack led by terrorist ‎Dalal Mughrabi in 1978. That attack was the most lethal in Israel's history, when terrorists hijacked a bus and killed its ‎passengers.‎
Fatah placed its logo on the photo of the bus - crossed rifles, and a grenade on top of a map representing “Palestine” that includes all of Israel.
Posted text: “Here Dalal [Mughrabi] raised the Palestinian flag at the front of the bus used by the heroes of Martyr (Shahid) Kamal Adwan’s group. They drove with 90 hostages inside it from Haifa to Tel Aviv, but the Zionist forces refused to negotiate with them. They fought a fierce battle that lasted from afternoon to evening on March 11, 1978.”
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Note: This picture and text was posted just one day after PA Chairman Abbas participated in the anti-terror march in Paris, condemning the Islamist terror attacks in which 16 French civilians were killed.

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