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Murder of Jews at prayer enacted by Hamas’ student block at Al-Quds University

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
Murder of Jews at prayer enacted by 
Hamas' student bloc at Al-Quds University

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik 

Hamas' Islamic Bloc at Al-Quds University has produced a video promoting the murder of Jews. The video is an enactment of the murder of two Jews wearing prayer shawls. One is stabbed to death and the other shot by masked fighters. 
Palestinian Media Watchhas documented that Abbas' PA and Fatah have publicly glorified the murderers who recently slaughtered rabbis in a Jerusalem synagogue. Even Abbas' advisor posted on his Facebook page "pictures from the scene of the heroic operation,"showing the dead bodies. 
The song in the video encourages Palestinians to "open fire, have no mercy," and "shoot the Zionists!"

The video opens with the two Jews talking and praying near a model of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. A masked man stabs one of the Jews to death. Other masked fighters appear with rifles and shoot the second Jew. The video ends showing all the masked men kneeling down in prayer:

Opening text on screen:
"Islamic Bloc (Hamas) of Al-Quds University"

"Load your machine gun and advance, son of proud Jerusalem
Gird yourself with flames and capture the soldiers
Open fire, have no mercy, shoot the Zionists!
Advance with your men, O keffiyeh-masked one!
The land of the Night Journey [Jerusalem] is our [first] direction of prayer
Its liberation is our goal
Palestinian, lead the attack and raise our flag."
[Facebook of Islamic Bloc (Hamas), Jan. 12, 2015]

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