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Fatah spokesman: Canada should ‎apologize for its support for Israel

‎“Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf ‎expressed his surprise and condemnation ‎of Canadian foreign minister John Baird’s ‎request that the members of the PLO ‎Executive Committee and the head of the ‎Department for Negotiation Affairs ‎apologize to Israeli Prime Minister ‎Benjamin Netanyahu for having ‎compared his crimes to those of the ‎Islamic State terror organization. In a ‎statement to the press yesterday, Friday ‎‎[Jan. 16, 2015], Assaf emphasized that the ‎occupation was the worst form of ‎terrorism, no less abominable than the ‎terrorism of the Islamic State, and in fact ‎‎[even] more abominable… He added: ‎‎‘[Canadian Prime Minister Steven] Harper ‎and Baird are the ones who should ‎apologize to the Canadian people for the ‎damage their policy, which is biased ‎towards the occupation, has done to ‎Canada and its people, and to the ‎Palestinian people, which is suffering a ‎historic injustice.’”‎