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Fatah: Israel is “the ‎worst form of terrorism, no less ‎abominable than the terrorism of the Islamic State"

"Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf expressed his surprise and condemnation of Canadian foreign minister John Baird's request that the members of the PLO Executive Committee and the head of the Department for Negotiation Affairs apologize to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for having compared his crimes to those of the Islamic State terror organization. In a statement to the press yesterday, Friday [Jan. 16, 2015], Assaf emphasized that the occupation is the worst form of terrorism, no less abominable than the terrorism of the Islamic State, and in fact [even] more abominable... He added: '[Canadian Prime Minister Steven] Harper and Baird are the ones who should apologize to the Canadian people for the damage their policy, which is biased towards the occupation, has done to Canada and its people, and to the Palestinian people, which is suffering a historic injustice.'"
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