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Fatah official at Fatah event commemorates Fatah’s terror attacks as “glory” and “heroic”

Official PA TV Live  |
Official PA TV Live broadcast a reception held by Fatah for the national and Islamic factions in Gaza to mark the anniversary of the founding of Fatah.
Fatah Revolutionary Council Member Ahmad Abu Al-Nasser:
"Fatah and the revolution believed that the most turbulent winds could not move the Palestinian mountain, that [when] the adults die, the youngsters will continue on the path and not forget, and that the Palestinian volcano will shake all the oppressors. A long road and pages of glory shine from Eilabun and Karameh and Jerash and Ajloun and Beirut and Beaufort and Savoy and Daboya and the Coast (i.e., all references to terrorist attacks against Israelis).
Thousands of heroic operations up to the two Intifadas (i.e., the first Palestinian wave of violence against Israel, 1988-1993, and the PA terror campaign, 2000-2005), and the heroism of Fatah [fighters], our Martyrs (Shahids) among them, paved the way to freedom."

Note: Bombing of Israel's National Water Carrier - on Jan. 1, 1965, Palestinian terrorists attempted to bomb Israel's National Water Carrier. This was the first attack against Israel carried out by Fatah. Fatah refers to the attack as the “Intilaqa”, meaning “the Launch” of Fatah.

The Karameh battle, or Al-Karameh - In 1968, Israeli army forces attacked the Al-Karameh village in Jordan, where Fatah terrorists were launching attacks on Israel. Arafat used the event for propaganda purposes, declaring the battle a great victory that erased the disgrace of the 1967 Six Day War defeat.

Jerash and Ajloun - during the fighting between the Jordanian army and Palestinians in the fall of 1970, the Palestinian positions near the towns of Jerash and Ajloun were encircled and then defeated by the Jordanians.

Beaufort is a fortress in southern Lebanon used by the PLO from the 1970s until the 1982 Lebanon War.

Beit Hadassah terrorist attack (Daboya) – terrorist attack in Hebron in which six Israelis were killed: Tzvi Glatt, Eli HaZe’ev, Shmuel Marmelstein, Hanan Krauthhammer, Gershon Klein and Ya’akov Zimmerman and 16 were wounded on May 2, 1980.

Dalal Mughrabi led the most lethal terror attack in Israel’s history, known as the Coastal Road massacre, in 1978, when she and other Fatah terrorists hijacked a bus on Israel's Coastal Highway, killing 37 civilians, 12 of them children, and wounding over 70.

Savoy terror attack - In March 1975, eight terrorists traveled by boat from Lebanon to a Tel Aviv beach. They took over the Savoy Hotel and took guests as hostages. The next morning, Israeli forces attacked and killed seven of the terrorists. Eight hostages and three soldiers were killed by the terrorists during the attack.