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PA PM refers to dead Palestinian terrorists held by Israel as “Martyrs” who deserve “national honor”

Official PA TV News reported on the central rally for Palestinian Martyr’s Day. At the rally, PA Prime Minister Hamdallah spoke about “the Martyrs’ bodies from the numbered cemeteries,” a reference to Palestinian enemy soldiers and terrorists whose bodies are held by Israel.

Official PA TV reporter: “[PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah emphasized that they [the PA] would document all the accusations of the Israeli settlement occupation [regarding crimes committed] against our people, and would turn to all the international forums and thwart the plans to turn our Martyrs (Shahids) into numbers or names. In his speech at the central rally on [Palestinian] Martyr’s Day, Hamdallah said that he would continue to act together with the free men in the world and with international human rights organizations to guarantee the return of the Martyrs’ bodies from the numbered cemeteries (i.e., Israeli cemeteries for terrorists and enemy soldiers), so that our people will be able to accompany them on their final journey and bury them according to the national traditions and religious ceremonies, and with the human and national honor they deserve.”
[PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah: “We will document all the crimes of the occupation and the settlements and will turn to all the international organizations. We refuse to allow them [the Martyrs] to be turned into numbers or names or to be forgotten, as Israel wants.”

Note: The Cemeteries for Enemy Casualties are two burial sites maintained by the Israeli army for burying the bodies of enemy soldiers as well as terrorists. They are fenced and well-marked. Graves have markers instead of gravestones. Burial is temporary, on the assumption that the bodies will eventually be returned to their countries of origin. No ceremony is held. The bodies are buried in numbered caskets, after their identities have been documented.

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