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Israel uses Gazan cancer patients as ‎guinea pigs for scientific experiments

Op-ed by Iyad Eid:
Headline: “Cancer is spreading among the ‎Palestinians like cancer.”‎
‎“Some may wonder how Israel creates the ‎conditions for disease, then allows some ‎Palestinian cancer patients to receive ‎treatment at the skilled hands of doctors in ‎occupied Palestine (i.e., Israel). Actually, ‎this has nothing to do with the Israelis’ ‎humanity; while universities around the ‎world are known for their scientific ‎laboratories, in which they perform ‎experiments on mice, dogs and monkeys, ‎Israel is now turning the Gaza Strip into the ‎biggest laboratory in the history of science ‎for its scientific experiments. The ‎Palestinians, with their sick bodies, ‎constitute the subjects of these ‎experiments, [the results of] which Israel ‎later sells to universities around the world, ‎or makes use of in treating its [Israeli] ‎patients.”‎