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Poll: “85% think Israel behind the murder of French [citizens]”‎

On Jan. 7, 2015, Muslim terrorists Cherif and Said Kouachi carried out a shooting attack ‎at the Paris office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. 12 people were killed in the ‎attack, which was a response to cartoons the magazine published about Islam's Prophet ‎Muhammad. On Jan. 8, in a connected attack, Muslim terrorist Amely Coulibaly shot and ‎killed a policewoman in Paris and on Jan. 9, he shot and killed 4 Jewish shoppers at a ‎Paris kosher supermarket. ‎
While Abbas officially condemned the terror attacks in France, PMW has documented different PA reactions to the attacks. Some condemned them while at the same ‎time condemning
Charlie Hebdo for mocking Islam's Prophet Muhammad. Others ‎compared the terror attacks in France to Israeli "terrorism" against Palestinians, and ‎some even claimed that Israel was behind the attacks.‎
Headline: “Ma’an poll: 85% think Israel behind the murder of French [citizens] in Paris”‎
     ‎“The overwhelming majority believe that the murders of the French‏ ‏‎[citizens] in Paris ‎were suspicious operations, and that Israel may be behind them.‎ In a survey conducted by [the independent Palestinian news agency] Ma’an, in which ‎‎6,090 people participated over the course of the week, the majority of the participants – ‎‎84.4%, or 5,142 people – think that the operation (i.e., terror attack) was suspicious, and ‎that Israel may be behind it. Only 8.7%, or 531 out of 6,090 participants, believed that ‎the murder of the French [citizens] in Paris was a natural result of the spread of Islamic ‎extremism in Europe.‎ ‎6.8%, or 417 participants, said they did not know whether the murders of the French ‎‎[citizens] in France were suspicious, whether Israel is behind them, or whether they ‎are the result of the spread of Islamic extremism in Europe.”‎