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PA official visits family of imprisoned ‎terrorist stabber

Headline: “Karake: Sick prisoners are ‎potential Martyrs (Shahids)”‎
     ‎“Commission of Prisoners’ and Released ‎Prisoners' Affairs Director [and PA ‎Parliament Member] Issa Karake said that ‎the sick prisoners were now potential ‎Martyrs (Shahids), considering their great ‎suffering and the fact that the occupation ‎prison services show contempt for their ‎lives and health and does not provide ‎them with treatment.‎
In addition, he said that the sick prisoners ‎were victims of a dangerous policy of ‎medical crimes committed in the prisons, ‎that their lives were now in danger, and ‎that action must be taken for their ‎immediate release…‎
Karake made his statements as part of the ‎‎‘Think of your Neighbor’ campaign, ‎initiated by the Commission of Prisoners’ ‎and Released Prisoners' Affairs as a sign ‎of solidarity with the sick prisoners. During ‎his visit to the family of wounded prisoner ‎Amal Takatka, who lives in Beit Fajjar and ‎was severely wounded by occupation ‎soldiers near the Etzion Junction in the ‎Bethlehem [district].”‎

Note: Gush Etzion stabbing attack – On Jan. 1, ‎‎2014, Amal Takatka, 22, from Beit Fajjar near ‎Bethlehem, attacked an Israeli at a bus stop at ‎the Gush Etzion junction with a knife, wounding ‎him lightly. Takatka was shot and severely ‎wounded by Israeli soldiers while attempting to ‎escape.‎