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BBC report about Hamas “Mickey Mouse” who teaches hate to ‎Palestinian children

BBC News  |
BBC reports on Hamas' version of Mickey Mouse, Farfur, and the violent ‎messages of hate that he disseminates to children. Palestinian Media ‎Watch's exposure of the Hamas TV show's incitement to hatred resulted in ‎Farfur being taken off the air after capturing international media attention.

Reporter: “At first glance it looks and sounds like any other children’s ‎television show, but Tomorrow’s Pioneers, as opposed to bearing a striking ‎resemblance to Mickey Mouse, has a much different message. Farfur, as ‎he’s known, talks of liberating Iraq, and world Islamic domination. Screened ‎on Hamas’ affiliated network Al-Aqsa TV, Farfur and his on-screen ‎propaganda has been pulled off the air.”‎

Mustafa Barghouti: “The things that are said there are very severe but it’s ‎wrong. You cannot do political propaganda with children in this manner. ‎This is something we don’t accept. And…as soon as I knew about it, I ‎communicated [it to] the station, which promised to stop the program ‎immediately, and revise it totally.”‎

Reporter: “Israel has long complained that the Palestinian airwave is filled ‎with incitement and the show made no secret of its intent. Along with ‎Farfur’s cries against Jews and the West, it encouraged children to phone in ‎and sing Hamas anthems about fighting Israel.”‎

Barghouti: “They are definitely reflecting a mistaken approach. They’re ‎primitive completely and wrong. There is no doubt about that.”‎

Reporter: “Hamas official says the show’s makers are considering changing ‎the program’s form.”‎
‎[BBC, May 8, 2007]‎