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Fatah calls “to intensify popular resistance in all its forms”

“In most West Bank cities, parallel marches were held yesterday [Jan. 26, 2015] in support of the leadership’s policy to end the occupation, and to protest the Israeli theft [of Palestinian tax revenues] and the collective punishment Israel is imposing on the Palestinian leadership and people. These loyalty marches and rallies came in response to the calls of Fatah’s West Bank branches to intensify popular resistance in all its forms against the occupation and its settlers, to protest the confiscation and theft of Palestinian money and Israel’s other punitive measures.”

Note: In the beginning of 2015, Israel withheld tax money from the PA because the PA submitted an application for membership in the ICC, in violation of the Oslo Accords. Later, part of the withheld taxes was used to pay the PA’s debt to the Israeli Electricity company. The rest of the taxes were transferred to the PA.