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PLO Ambassador expresses joy over Hezbollah bombing

On Jan. 28, 2015, Hezbollah bombed Northern Israel, killing two Israeli soldiers. Adli ‎Sadeq, PLO Ambassador to India and regular columnist for the official PA daily Al-Hayat ‎Al-Jadida, wrote the following op-ed in response to the bombing: ‎ ‎
     ‎“Hezbollah’s operation (i.e., shooting of missiles) at Sheba Farms [in Northern Israel] ‎has shortened the distance between [its] promise to respond in the right place and time ‎and the actual response. The most important aspect of this resistance operation was ‎the fact that it put the quarrelsome ones (i.e., Israel) into a state of unrest, for [it showed ‎them that] not every bombing produces harmless results, and not every escalation is ‎free of consequences or considerations to be taken by the aggressors (i.e., Israelis).
This is Lebanon standing in front of them, with all its factions, and if they want ‎escalation, all Lebanese will unite against the aggression, and the different political ‎parties will cease attacking each other.
In addition, no one in the Arab world will be able to profess his friendship with those ‎addicted to carrying out bloody attacks against all their neighbors (i.e., Israel), since ‎their daily actions would convince all the Arabs, despite their [internal] conflicts and ‎disagreements, that whoever fails to oppose these rampant villains, within the ‎possible constraints, deserves to be isolated. Furthermore, even those Arabs who ‎present themselves as moderate and as supporters of peace will sooner or later find ‎themselves wishing that this wild bull be contained...
The Palestinians followed the developments of yesterday's event together, full of ‎hope that the resistance fighters (i.e. Hezbollah) would capture Israeli soldiers and ‎would hold them in order to exchange them [for Palestinian prisoners], thereby ‎breaking Israel’s inflexibility regarding the prisoners’ issue and forcing it to free ‎them all...
We have waited long for this occupation to be deterred, even if only by a part of the ‎manliness of this nation’s youth. Yet our situation requires the political, intellectual and ‎media circles to act diligently to end the Arab society’s feelings of helplessness, and to ‎help it recognize this nation’s power and abilities….
We do not deny our joy at the fact that this quarrelsome occupation received a limited ‎response, the minimal response on Hezbollah’s part. The occupiers thought that no ‎one would dare fire at them, but from now on they will think twice before embarking on ‎a ‘joyride’ war against Lebanon. And they have already understood that if they do, they ‎will suffer exactly as the Lebanese!”‎
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