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Fatah Information and Culture Commission: Awdah TV founded and run by Fatah members and represents the Fatah movement

“Here I will focus the attention on the same anonymous heroes and soldiers who stand behind the Palestinian creativity of the Awdah TV channel… among whom I will note the following heroes:
1. The first and authentic champion… is the maestro and general supervisor of the Awdah TV channel... he is the official spokesperson of the Palestinian national liberation movement ‘Fatah’, who adds a special sparkle to Fatah’s media since assuming this responsibility…
This is Ahmad Assaf… Everyone knows Assaf as the spokesperson of the beloved Fatah movement, due to his appearances on the small screen and in various media outlets. But what many don’t know ... is that he is a real star who stands behind the development of the Awdah TV channel, and one of the important creative minds responsible for the shining, attractive appearance [of the channel]… because he is the general supervisor of Fatah’s Palestinian channel, Awdah. After he was appointed supervisor of the channel, our champion Ahmad Assaf succeeded – thanks to his pioneering and fervent efforts – in making fundamental changes to the image the channel. He succeeded in changing it from a channel that is satisfied with broadcasting songs, cultural heritage programs and other light programs, to the channel we see today, which attracts the esteemed viewer by transmitting a national message of liberation, which is committed, and draws from the character of the Fatah movement and its struggle against the occupation.
Ahmad Assaf is also the director and chief supervisor of a prominent Fatah national Palestinian radio station the only radio station that officially speaks for Fatah – Radio Mawtini.

2. The second champion I am talking about, who stands behind the success of the Awdah TV channel, is the owner of the channel, a Fatah member, and a patriotic business man…
This champion used his money to establish a station that works for the Palestinian cause and to express the hopes and dreams of Fatah’s members. He is a son of Palestine and its pride. He is a member of the beloved Fatah movement. He is the director of the Alashekeen band which loves Palestine. He is Malek Melhem, the Palestinian patriot and Fatah man."

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