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PA daily warns of the “three-way conspiracy” by Israel, the US, and the Muslim Brotherhood to harm Egypt

Op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, regular columnist for the official PA daily
     “We can consider the damage [wrought by] the terrorist criminals at the Egyptian army posts at El-Arish in light of the strong, thin threads that interweave the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood – both its Palestinian and Egyptian branches – with collaboration with the US administration and Israel, for each of these sides wishes [to see] the dramatic collapse of the army of Arab Egypt, the fall of the fortress of the Egyptian Arab Republic and its nation, and the disassembling of the country into districts, small countries and emirates!
The reason for this is that their [the Muslim Brotherhood and the US and Israel] schemes [call for] the weakening and dispersal of the Egyptian army which constitutes the backbone of the oldest country on the map of the Arab homeland, just as the armies of [other] Arab countries [were weakened] ahead of the dismantling of the country itself. This parallels the transformation of the nation into entities according to sectarian, religious, racial and even tribal [lines], as they did in old Arab countries no less important than Egypt in terms of their activity and their cultural and humanistic influence, such as Iraq (the land of the Tigris and the Euphrates) and Syria (the center of the Levant) [parenthesis in source], and there is no need to mention what is happening in Yemen and Libya...
It would come as no surprise if the Egyptian press were to publish, on tomorrow’s front pages, images of maps, documents, coordinates, weapons and ammunition possessed only by well-trained armies and military forces, or by the graduates of [training] camps established especially in states in the region with the aim of carrying out similar crimes and terror attacks. It is easy to obtain [instructions for] the assembly and production of improvised explosives over the internet, but those who fire the mortars need expertise and firing skills that the terror organizations in Sinai cannot create or acquire without the logistical support and training [provided] by external forces. This obliges us to accept the logic of the three-way conspiracy against Egypt referred to above.
The enemies of Egypt and the Arab nation use holy names and symbols to justify their crimes. Sometimes they use the expression Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis (i.e., Supporters of Jerusalem), but they did not hit even a single target in the occupation state, which occupies Jerusalem. Other times, they call themselves the Islamic State, while we see that they have outdone predatory creatures – both human and animal – in their lust for bloodshed and slitting human throats.”