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CNN News reports on Hamas’ hate-spewing Mickey Mouse, Farfur

CNN News  |
CNN News reports on Hamas' version of Mickey Mouse Farfur, who ‎preaches messages of hate to Palestinian children. Palestinian Media ‎Watch’s exposure of the Hamas TV show's incitement to hatred captured ‎international media attention. PMW founder and director Itamar Marcus ‎appears on the program to discuss the dangers of teaching children to hate.‎

Reporter Atika Shubert: “Farfur looks like Mickey Mouse, but this Palestinian ‎children’s character doesn’t talk like Mickey or sing like any mouseketeer. ‎Farfur dances with an imaginary gun in his gloved hands as a young calling ‎listener recites an ode to an AK-47.
This is Tomorrow’s Pioneers, a weekly children show on Al-Aqsa TV – the ‎Hamas owned and operated television station in Gaza. And it’s been ‎running now for three weeks.
Farfur and his human companion Saraa’ encourage Palestinian kids to drink ‎milk and study hard, but also to engage in violent acts of resistance against ‎Israel and the US. Farfur cheers for Islamic supremacy in a squeaky voice ‎saying ‘We will win, Bush! We will win, Condoleeza!’ Militant propaganda is ‎not new in this part of the world, but using an iconic cartoon character to ‎appeal to children is.

Itamar Marcus: “Mickey Mouse is America. America is Mickey Mouse. And ‎then you’re taking Mickey Mouse to laugh at the United States. It’s very, very ‎significant. The danger is it’s the mixing of the poison with the drink milk. ‎And the child doesn’t even realize that he’s being poisoned.”‎
‎[CNN, May 8, 2007]‎