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Abbas strongly condemns murder of Japanese hostages by Islamic State

The PA daily printed Abbas' strong condemnation of the murder of two Japanese ‎hostages by Islamic State. PMW has documented that while Abbas issues strong ‎condemnations of terror attacks abroad, his condemnations of terror attacks against ‎Israelis have been less resolute. Following Abbas' ‎condemnation of the Jerusalem synagogue massacre (November 2014), officials in ‎Abbas' Fatah party openly stated that Abbas' condemnation was insincere and was ‎motivated solely by international pressure.‎
‎“President Mahmoud Abbas expressed his condolences yesterday to Japanese Prime ‎Minister Shinzo Abe for the murder of Japanese citizens Haruna Yukawa and Kenji ‎Goto by the forces of terrorism. In a condolence telegram, the President said: ‘In the ‎name of the State of Palestine and its people, and in my name personally, we hereby ‎express to your country our condemnation of and absolute opposition to the murder of ‎Japanese citizens Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto by the forces of terrorism. These ‎are abominable and cowardly acts contrary to all values and conventions, to human ‎morals and the heavenly religions.’”‎

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