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Congressman Wilson expresses support for PMW at subcommittee hearing

Congressman Wilson expresses support for PMW
at subcommittee hearing

On Feb. 4, 2015, the Congressional Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa held a hearing entitled "The Palestinian Authority's International Criminal Court Gambit: A True Partner for Peace?"

Representative Joe Wilson spoke at the hearing and lauded Palestinian Media Watch for "highlighting instances of aggression toward Israel which otherwise may not be told":

Representative Joe Wilson (R-S.C.): "Thank you Chairwoman Ros-Lehtinen and ranking member Deutch for hosting this important hearing and I thank each of our panelists for being here today. Time and time again, the world has seen over 3,000 terrorist rocket attacks which originate from Palestinian-backed terror organization Hamas. As we discuss Palestine's desire to become more integrated within the international community, it should stop terrorism against Israeli women and children. In an effort to bring many of these actions into light, the website Palestinian Media Watch,, does an excellent job of highlighting instances of aggression toward Israel, which otherwise may not be told. I support this website and its mission. The US must stand firmly with Israel, our strongest ally in the region, and I fully support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he seeks to promote peace in the region."

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