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Fatah criticizes Hamas for not speaking out against Islamic State

Headline: “Calls to unite against IS’ criminal gangs – shock, solidarity vigils and mourners’ tents in Palestine for Jordanian pilot Martyr Moaz Al-Kasasbeh”
“Fatah strongly condemned the statements of Hamas Legislative Council members Yahia Musa Al-Abasda and Salem Salameh, who laid responsibility for the murder of the Jordanian pilot on Jordan, since, according to them, Jordan had aided the Syrian regime.
Fatah spokesman Jamal Nizar said that Al-Abasda’s statements to the effect that it is forbidden to fight IS since they are Muslims, are disastrous and constitute a criminal justification of barbaric acts… Nizal added: ‘Accusing Jordan, and what Al-Abasda called “the corrupt Arab regime” of responsibility for the Martyrdom of Kasasbeh proves once again that Hamas’ tree of lost faith – IS, the Taliban and the other organizations involved in the murder of Muslims and Arabs – is one and the same tree.”

Note: Moaz Al-Kasasbeh - Jordanian fighter pilot whose plane crashed in northern Syria during a military operation targeting Islamic State. Kasasbeh was captured by IS militants and brutally executed on Jan. 3, 2015. Islamic State released footage of the execution on Feb. 3, 2015, showing Kasasbeh being burned alive in a cage.