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Palestinian Sheikh: Girls returning from Al-Aqsa Mosque and ‎killed in car accident are “Martyrs” ‎who carried out “Ribat”‎

Headline: “Delegation from Jerusalem ‎expresses condolences for the deaths of ‎the female Martyrs (Shahidas) of Al-Aqsa.”‎
‎“A large delegation from the Supreme ‎Muslim Council and from among the ‎traders of Jerusalem arrived in the ‎township of Hura in the Negev to offer ‎condolences to the families of the eight ‎female Martyrs (Shahidas) who died in a ‎terrible accident while returning home ‎after having participated in the Friday ‎prayer at the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque. ‎During the meeting with the Martyrs’ ‎family members, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri ‎‎[head of the Palestinian Organization of ‎Clerics and Disseminators of Islam and ‎former Mufti of Jerusalem] gave a speech ‎of condolences, for Allah, exalted be He, ‎has honored the Martyrs with Martyrdom ‎‎(Shahada), after they carried out Ribat ‎‎(religious conflict/war over land claimed to ‎be Islamic) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”‎

Note: The girls who were declared ‎‎“Martyrs” were killed in a car accident after ‎a truck collided with the bus they were in.‎