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Philadelphia Councilwoman "denounces" Ghannam’s support for terror, following PMW exposure

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PA Governor Laila Ghannam was honored by Philadelphia Councilwoman Maria Sanchez with the Liberty Bell and "Citation of Honor" in January 2015. Following PMW's bulletin documenting Ghannam's history of glorifying Palestinian terrorist killers, Sanchez denounced Ghannam's support for terror and and added, "We will look into whether it is possible to withdraw a citation." The following is the full response from Sanchez's office:
 “Statement from Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez:
I was invited to attend this event to meet the first woman elected governor in the Palestinian Authority, and whose work was described to me as humanitarian in nature and centered on furthering the rights of women and girls. My office honored her for these reasons.
I fully and unequivocally denounce the sentiments attributed to Governor Ghannam in this video, and have consistently condemned terrorist violence.
As an elected official who represents a significant Muslim-American population, including many Palestinian refugee families, I know my Muslim constituents to be good citizens and contributors to their communities. I strongly support interfaith efforts to build understanding across cultural and ethnic barriers, and I am committed to open, honest and productive dialogue with all who share the goal of peace.”
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