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Israel’s immorality “stems from… the Jewish ‎religion” and Zionism, which “is based on ‎the denial of the rights of the Palestinian ‎‎‘goys’”‎

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, columnist ‎for the official PA daily:
‎“The year 2014 witnessed a series of sex ‎scandals involving several police officers ‎of the Israeli ethnic cleansing state… ‎This moral flaw in the institutions of the ‎organized terrorism state stems from ‎several reasons: 1. The conservative ‎Jewish religion heritage, which ‎marginalizes the role of women. 2. The ‎ideological foundations of the Zionist ‎movement, as a reactionary colonialist ‎racist movement. 3. Due to the latter, the ‎exclusion of values and morality, since ‎the ‘State of Israel’ is based on the denial ‎of the rights of the Palestinian ‘goys.’ This ‎‎[denial], whether the Zionist leaders like it ‎or not, has consequences for the ‎components of Israeli society, for the ‎feeling of exclusivity is rooted in the ‎Jewish Zionist conscious and ‎subconscious. 4. The mixing of the values ‎of the Jewish religion with those of ‎capitalism, which gave birth to Mafioso ‎‎[modes of] behavior and ideas, and their ‎dissemination throughout Israeli society ‎and its political and security-military ‎elites.”‎