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PLO Commission of Prisoners gives each prisoner 400 NIS as canteen money

Headline: “Transfer of canteen money to the prisoners in the occupation prisons”
“The Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs emphasized yesterday [Jan. 10, 2015] that the canteen money had been transferred and delivered to the prisoners in the occupation prisons, after all efforts had been concentrated to end their suffering. The funds constitute their primary life line, which allows them to purchase food products and other needs. The Commission [of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs] said it had confirmed that these funds had reached all the prisoners in the prisons, and that the occupation was the reason for the delay that had occurred after it confiscated the funds of the Palestinian state because of personal political agendas.
The Commission clarified that 3 million shekels had been transferred to the prisoners, and that each prisoner had received 400 shekels. The Commission also clarified that it would always act in coordination with all the institutions involved to alleviate the suffering of these heroes who are standing firm, and that they would never be left to face this occupation and its vindictive policy alone.”