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PA daily op-ed: “Jewish IS [are] terrorizing” Palestinians and “American IS [are] murdering Arabs”

Op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, regular columnist for the official PA daily:
     “The US justice system has set a trap for the PA in the form of a lawsuit over the deaths of two Israelis with dual citizenship, Israeli and American, in resistance operations (i.e., terror attacks) at the beginning of the second Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005). It is suing the Arab Bank on the same charge, because funds had been channeled through it from the US to entities accused of affiliation with Hamas – as if the bank had been required to establish an intelligence apparatus to investigate the identity and political leanings of its customers...
At the same time (as the lawsuit - Ed.), three Palestinian Americans were murdered near an Islamic center in [North] Carolina – but it went unreported in the American media, and there was no uproar, as if, because of their Palestinian origin, the victims were not part of the human race. What would have happened had they been Jews or Christians?

The murder of these Palestinians was a crime no less severe than that [perpetrated] in the Jewish supermarket in Paris [in January 2015], but the latter drew the world’s attention and [provoked] rage against IS, as if there were no Jewish IS [terrorists] terrorizing us on our land, and American IS [terrorists] murdering Arabs. This is because, from the American point of view, there is a difference between IS in Iraq and Syria, who are considered terrorists, and IS in Sinai, who are considered to be resisting the Egyptian regime, because the Egyptian regime is not to Washington’s liking. In addition, there is a difference between someone who harms an American-Israeli in incidents at the height of the Intifada, and Americans with Israeli citizenship who practice terrorism against us…

During the night, the American media began to discuss the crime, but described the murderer as an atheist – just as Israel describes those who carry out crimes against us as insane – as if all other murderers are of sound mind! (The writer hints that the Americans have explained away the killings as not linked to religion based on the fact that the murderer was an atheist, whereas it was in fact a hate crime. He claims Israel does the same by claiming everyone who commits crimes against Palestinians is “insane” – Ed.)

Note: Murders in North Carolina – On Feb. 11, 2015, 3 Muslim students were shot to death in their apartment by their neighbor. Police speculated that the killings were linked to religion, but the victims and the killer had also been involved in a personal dispute. The killer turned himself in.

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