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Fatah website: Awdah TV channel “speak[s] in the name of the Fatah movement”

From an article by Sami Abu Tir on Fatah's Information and Culture Commission's website, first part published Jan. 31 and second part published Feb. 13, 2015:
      “Everyone in Palestine was looking for a channel that would speak in the name of the Fatah movement in order to defend its members and the higher national goals, which Fatah strives to achieve in its struggle for freedom and independence. Based on this and on the desired goal, Awdah TV was the Fatah movement’s main idea and purpose, and serious work has begun [to fulfill this purpose] according to the instructions of the leader of the national procession towards freedom and independence, President Mahmoud Abbas…
Because of His Honor [Abbas]’ total belief in the important role of the media – whether written or audio-visual – his instructions greatly affected the removal of obstacles and difficulties, enabling the appearance of Awdah [TV] in its present national format. Fatah's Information and Culture Commission cooperated with the owners of Awdah TV (Malek Melhem, a Fatah businessman -Ed.) and reached an agreement with them. An authentic national philosophy was formulated regarding the mission to be fulfilled by the TV channel – a mission of committed media, inspired by the national and democratic character of Fatah and the Palestinian people’s struggle against the oppressing, tyrannical occupation… I (Sami Abu Tir, the writer of the article, -Ed.) am extremely thankful to Central Committee member and head of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, for the honorable and patriotic efforts he has invested so that Awdah TV could appear in its admirable national format."

[The author attributes the facelift which Awdah TV went through, to the efforts of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission, which “assumed responsibility for the [TV] channel and its various programs, after it has been agreed on with the owners of the channel.” The author presents Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf as the “Maestro” of Awdah TV (as other sources do). The author praises him and calls him “The true star behind the Awdah TV development.” Likewise, the author describes the channel as a Fatah Palestinian channel.  According to the author of the article, Ahmad Assaf is also the head of Mawtini radio (known from other sources), which is the only radio station that officially represents Fatah. The author praises the Awdah TV owners – Malek Melhem, a Fatah businessman who also funds the channel.]

Note: Awdah TV is the official Fatah TV channel. According to the website of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission, the channel was founded to “speak in the name of the Fatah movement in order to defend its members and the higher national goals.” The channel is owned by Malek Melhem, a Fatah businessman, and run in cooperation with the Fatah Information and Culture Commission. [Website of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission, Jan. 31, 2015 and Feb. 13, 2015]