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Itamar Marcus and Mustafa Barghouti Debate

Fox News  |
In a follow-up video, Fox News reports on Hamas (Al-Aqsa) TV’s version of ‎Mickey Mouse, Farfur, who, a week after being exposed by Palestinian ‎Media Watch, remained on-air preaching messages of hate to Palestinian ‎children. Farfur is the lead character for the Hamas Al-Aqsa TV program ‎‎“Tomorrow's Pioneers.” The report includes a debate between Itamar Marcus, ‎founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch, and Mustafa Barghouti, PA ‎Minister of Information.‎

News anchor: "The Palestinian children show that preaches Islamic ‎domination is still on the air... Well you certainly know about Farfur, the ‎Mickey Mouse... that we've been reporting about teaching Palestinian ‎children and others the lessons of hate, well we brought this story on the ‎program last week about the mouse, and it set off such a worldwide firestorm, ‎the Palestinian information minister said the show, called 'Tomorrow's ‎Pioneers', would be suspended immediately. But that did not happen. In fact, ‎the latest episode aired on Friday, and that fake Mickey Mouse isn't holding ‎back at all. Watch this."‎

News anchor: "While Farfur was caught cheating and said that Jews ‎destroyed his home so he couldn't get his homework, why is it still on the air? ‎Well we're joined by, from Ramallah, Mustafa Barghouti, he's the Palestinian ‎Information Minister who said the show would be taken off, and Itamar ‎Marcus, founder of Palestinian Media Watch who brought the show to the ‎world's attention. Why is the show still on the air if you've ordered it to be ‎taken off?"‎

Barghouti: "It is not. It took a longer while than we wanted. The show has ‎many mistakes in it. But it was stopped and changed, and next Friday, we'll ‎see a completely different show. I think that this effort by some institutions to ‎dehumanize Palestinians is not necessary and incorrect."‎

Anchor: "Mr. Barghouti, you talk about dehumanizing, I understand your ‎view. But look, the mouse calls for the Islamic domination of the world, the ‎defeat of America. Mr. Marcus, let me go with you. How would you respond to ‎Mr. Barghouti?"‎

Itamar Marcus: "It's the Palestinians who are dehumanizing literally everyone ‎else in the world by saying that Jews and Christians never had it better ‎except during the periods that they lived under Islam. It's a total ‎delegitimization of the Jewish traditions and the Christian traditions. And ‎he's saying that they're teaching that it's going to be better again for Jews ‎and Christians when they're living under Islamic rule. This is horrific Islamic ‎‎[supremacist] education. And if our exposing this to the world is ‎dehumanizing the Palestinians, excuse me, it's their own words that are ‎dehumanizing them, and our exposing it is just letting the world see exactly ‎what they're saying and what they're teaching their children. He's making the ‎images of an AK-47, of an automatic rifle and dancing to the little girl reading ‎about an automatic rifle."‎

Anchor: "Mickey Mouse with a machine gun."‎

Marcus: "Exactly."‎

Anchor: "Talking about Palestinian Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti ‎and Itamar Marcus, who's founder of Palestinian Media Watch who brought ‎the shows to the world's attention first last Sunday on this program, thank ‎you again. Minister Barghouti, let me get back to you. We just saw the clip of ‎this mouse, holding an AK-47, he's like throwing grenades. Is this the ‎appropriate message to give to children in a children's TV program?"‎

Barghouti: "Absolutely not, and we don't agree with it and we think it's a big ‎mistake and that's why we asked the station to correct. This is a private ‎station by the way, it doesn't represent the Palestinian people or the ‎authority, it's one of the 80 private stations that we have. We hope also that ‎some propaganda machine, like Mr. Marcus propaganda, will stop feeding ‎the hatred between both people. Let's find positive examples [for] children."‎

Anchor: "Let's go to the 'propaganda machine' as you say. Mr. Marcus, are ‎you a propaganda machine?"‎

Marcus: "We're not propaganda at all. We're the ones who are promoting ‎peace. By exposing the hatred, we've succeeded in removing hatred for ‎years from Palestinian television and even to a certain extent from the ‎Palestinian schoolbooks. But after the corrected number of things that Mr. ‎Barghouti said [overtalk]. This happens to be the station of Prime Minister ‎Ismail Haniyeh, this is the Hamas television station, so this is not a private ‎station by any means. This represents the Prime Minister and the ‎government of the Palestinian Authority. Another thing, the messages that ‎the minister is criticizing so strongly now, these are the same messages ‎we've been hearing for five centuries."‎

Anchor: "He promises that the mouse would be off so we'll be watching next ‎Friday..."‎

‎[Fox News, May 13, 2007]‎