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PA daily op-ed: Muslim Brotherhood, Israel, ‎the US, and IS are working together

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, columnist for ‎the official PA daily:
     ‎“Once again, the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‎branch in Egypt or Libya (there is no ‎difference between the branches, since the ‎international organization [they belong to] is ‎the same, their [general] instructor is the ‎same, their executive and instructional ‎bureaus are the same, and their plans and ‎goals are the same) [parenthesis in source] ‎has started the fire of terrorism against the ‎Egyptian people. They sanctioned the ‎‎[killing] of 21 Arab Christian Egyptian ‎citizens, slaughtering them with a barbarity ‎incompatible with any religious or human ‎values. ‎‎The time has come for official and popular ‎Arab bodies to stop using names that are ‎being spread by the US security forces and ‎their proxies in the region – foremost ‎among whom is Israel and its media ‎apparatus –such as ‘IS’, ‘[Jabhat] Al-Nusra’, ‎‎‘Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis’, ‘Islamic Army’, ‘Jaish ‎Al-Ummah’, and others, for these names are ‎used to distract the Arab public from the real ‎perpetrator of all crimes against the Arab ‎nations… ‎Since these names of the Takfir ‎organizations (i.e., Muslim organizations ‎that accuse other people or groups of ‎heresy) are merely underground names ‎for the Muslim Brotherhood, whatever the ‎branch or the place where the crime or terror ‎attack is carried out, and since the US is ‎seeking to restore the international Muslim ‎Brotherhood to its role at the forefront of its ‎plan for a Greater Middle East, everyone ‎interested in breaking away from the clutch ‎of the Muslim Brotherhood Takfir ‎organization… must disclose its [the Muslim ‎Brotherhood’s] connection to the US and ‎its strategic ally, Israel.”‎

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