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Israel is arming Palestinians in an attempt to promote anarchy in the West Bank

“Official spokesman of the PA Security Forces and General Political Commissioner Adnan Al-Damiri said the Security Forces are prepared to tackle any anarchic situation…
Al-Damiri called Israel the primary beneficiary of anarchy in the West Bank, in addition to Hamas and Fatah Central Committee member Muhammad Dahlan, who was ousted from Fatah… Al-Damiri added: ‘Israel has a clear interest in igniting the situation in the West Bank. The political tone in which they are speaking varies from group to group, but in general, everyone in Israel has an interest in an explosion of the situation among us…’ He added: ‘[Israel’s] only way of exerting pressure on the President [Mahmoud Abbas] in order to extort him is to ignite violence and spread weapons, anarchy and drugs…’ Al-Damiri accused the occupation authorities of spreading weapons and drugs in the Palestinian territories, and emphasized that ‘the only arms market in Palestine is the black market, which originates in Israel.’”