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EU gives 212 million euros in aid to the PA and UNRWA

Headline: “212 million euros in aid from the European Union to the Palestinian people”
“The European Union has announced the first installment of its financial aid to the PA and UNRWA for 2015, which comes to 212 million euros…
The first payment , a sum of 212 million euros, is comprised of two parts:
- 103 million euros in direct financial aid to the PA through PEGASE [EU Direct Financial Support Program]
- 82 million euros in financial aid to UNRWA.

The EU is one of the main donors to the Palestinian people and UNRWA, providing almost 300 million euros a year to the Palestinian people, including the refugees living outside of Palestine in the refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. In 2014, aid to the Palestinians reached 307 million euros, including the additional aid to UNRWA, meant to [help it] deal with the aftermath of the military operation in Gaza (i. e., the 2014 Gaza War, Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel).”