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No Jewish remains have been found in ‎Jerusalem after 48 years of ‎excavations

Official PA TV news hosted Fakhri Abu ‎Diab, member of the Silwan and Al-‎Bustan Neighborhood Defense ‎Committee:
Official PA TV reporter: “In the 48 years of ‎its existence, the occupation has carried ‎out over 64 excavations beneath the Al-‎Aqsa Mosque and its environs, to search ‎for remains that fit the Judaization ‎narrative for Jerusalem, as Israel presents ‎it.”‎
Fakhri Abu Diab, member of the Silwan ‎and Al-Bustan Neighborhood Defense ‎Committee: “This museum, all the ‎Umayyad palaces and the [archeological] ‎remains in Jerusalem that [Israel] stole. ‎‎[Israel] gathers them in this area and then ‎treats them in a way that obscures [their ‎origin], whether the remains are Islamic, ‎Byzantine or Roman. It obscures them ‎and then carves Hebrew inscriptions on ‎them, [to make it seem as if] this area was ‎the historical homeland of the Jewish ‎people, and as if these properties and ‎artifacts were from the period of the first or ‎second Temple…”‎
Official PA TV reporter: “These are ‎systematic crimes against the Holy City, ‎‎[carried out in order] to search for ‎‎[archeological] remains that support the ‎occupation’s Judaization narrative. So far, ‎nothing has been found after 48 years of ‎excavations and nature has refuted ‎Judaization and falsification.”‎