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France 2 Report on Hamas Mickey Mouse


David Pujadas: “Good evening and welcome to all. Here are the news ‎headlines for today, Monday. In international news, results of Islamic ‎propaganda in the Palestinian territories: Children’s television programs use ‎Mickey [Mouse] to preach hatred of Israel and the United States.
In international news, results of Islamic propaganda in the Palestinian ‎territories, regarding a television program targeting very young children. And ‎you will see the Mickey figure used to convey messages of hate.

In Jerusalem, [reporter’s name] reports.”

Reporter: “Hamas has virtually hijacked the Mickey character. In this show, ‎Walt Disney’s mouse has been renamed Farfur and preaches radical Islam.”

‎[Farfur excerpts shown]

Reporter: “Islam, conquering and victorious across the world, is a vision ‎appreciated by Hamas’ audience.”

Palestinian girl: “I like Farfur because he teaches us to pray five times a day ‎and to keep and respect the laws of Islam.”

Palestinian man: “It’s a good program. There is no reason to oppose it if it ‎amuses kids with an Islamic vision that has no connection to violence.”

Palestinian woman: “This show keeps children away from the streets where ‎they could be susceptible to new influences.”

Reporter: “It is an indoctrination that reaches mostly militant families. The ‎audience of Hamas TV is made up of a little over one percent [of the ‎population] in the West Bank and eight percent of Gaza.”

Fathi Hamad (Al-Aqsa television program director): “The Israeli critics of our ‎show benefited us a lot. Not even with a million dollars could we have ‎benefited from such publicity. I thank them.”

Reporter: “There is therefore no way to cancel Farfur, even if there is little ‎chance that Gaza’s children abandon animated cartoon shows broadcast ‎through major Arab satellite channels.”‎
‎[France 2 News, May 14, 2007]‎

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