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Fatah glorifies Japanese and Palestinian terrorists‎

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |


Fatah glorifies Japanese and Palestinian terrorists


Japanese terrorists who killed 24

in attack on Israeli airport in 1972

are “heroes” who “sacrificed their lives for Palestine


Palestinian terrorists who killed 8 in hotel attack in 1975

are “heroic self-sacrificing fighters”


Palestinian terrorist who planned Olympics massacre

is “the Martyr Commander, the Red Prince”


by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik 

It is not only Palestinian terrorist killers who are praised as heroes by Fatah, the party headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Fatah recently posted on its official Facebook page a tribute to the Japanese terrorists who participated in a terror attack in Israel in 1972 in which 24 people were killed.


“They were neither Arab nor Muslim, yet they sacrificed their lives for Palestine,” Fatah stated, posting a photo of a monument for the terrorists in Beirut, Lebanon. [Facebook, “Fatah - The Main Page,” Feb. 3, 2015] 


On May 30, 1972, three members of the Japanese Red Army, Takeshi Okudaira, Yasuyuki Yasuda and Kozo Okamoto, who had been recruited by the Palestinian terror organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), attacked passengers at Israel’s Lod (Tel Aviv) airport, killing 8 Israelis and 16 foreign tourists and wounding over 70. Okudaira and Yasuda were killed during the attack, while Okamoto was arrested.


Palestinian Media Watch has documented that Abbas' Fatah movement has a policy to glorify terrorists - both from the past and the present. Two days ago, Fatah glorified the terror attack on the Tel Aviv Savoy Hotel in 1975, in which 8 were killed: 


“From the chronicles of the revolution: The Savoy Hotel after its destruction by Fatah’s heroic self-sacrificing fighters (Fedayeen) - March 6, 1975.

The multi-story Savoy Hotel became a ruin, a ruin.

A hotel, neighborhood and streets went up in flames, up in flames,

thanks to your men’s determination, O Yasser [Arafat], Yasser [Arafat].”

[Facebook, “Fatah - The Main Page,”Feb. 17, 2015]


On the same day, Fatah also glorified the planner of the Munich Olympics massacre in which 11 Israeli athletes were murdered in 1972. Fatah posted a picture of the terrorist with the following text:

“Ali Hassan Salameh, the Martyr Commander, the Red Prince. The glory in his name is enough.” [Facebook, “Fatah - The Main Page”, Feb. 17, 2015]


Recently, PMW documented that Fatah and its youth division Shabiba released statements praising "Martyrs" (Shahids) for "watering the land of Palestine with their pure blood." This PMW report also showed that Fatah in recent months has honored seven different terrorists who between them have killed 63 people.


The text on the monument in Beirut honoring the Japanese airport murderers says:


“The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The Japanese Red Army

A monument for the heroes of the Lod airport operation (i.e., terror attack) in occupied Palestine


Bassem - Takeshi Okudaira

Born in 1945; died as a Martyr (Shahid) in 1972 during the Lod airport operation

Salah - Yasuyuki Yasuda

Born in 1945; died as a Martyr in 1972 during the Lod airport operation


‘Martyr of Freedom’

Yussuf - Takao Himori

Born in 1947

Died as a Martyr in 2002 after setting himself on fire to protest the Israeli invasion of the West Bank


Nizar - Osamu Maruoka

Born in 1950

Died as a Martyr in 2011 from an illness [incurred] during his incarceration.”

[Facebook, “Fatah - The Main Page”, Feb. 3, 2015]


Takao Himori was a supporter of the PA who set himself on fire and burned to death in Tokyo, Japan, in 2002, to protest Israeli policy.


Osamu Maruoka was one of the leaders of the Japanese Red Army. He was arrested in Japan in 1987, and died while serving a life sentence in prison in 2011.