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Football arena in Jerusalem is “temporary home court” for Israeli players

The sports pages of the official PA daily recently described a match between the ‎Palestinian team Bnei Sakhnin and the Israeli team Beitar Jerusalem. The Israeli team ‎was referred to as “the Zionist Beitar” and the football arena in Jerusalem was called ‎the team’s “temporary home court” because “it does not and will never belong to them":
‎“Muhammad [the player], takes revenge for [Prophet] Muhammad, peace be upon Him.‎ The [Palestinian] Bnei Sakhnin [football team] defeated the Zionist Beitar [Jerusalem ‎football team] in its temporary home court [in Jerusalem]. Yes, this court is temporary, ‎because it does not and will never belong to them. But the much-loved Sakhnin team ‎proved itself to be a Palestinian team par excellence, around which millions of our ‎people gather. This proves that they are firmly planted in our historic land, while the ‎other side is foreign.‎ Sakhnin is proof of Palestinian territorial unity. It is the sister [city] of Jerusalem, Gaza, ‎Rafiah, Jenin, Umm Al-Fahm and Nazareth. They curse us and the last prophet ‎‎[Muhammad]. May Allah disfigure them. [They are] racists to the bone... ‎Glory to Sakhnin. The one who scored [the victory] for Sakhnin was a player named ‎Muhammad – Muhammad Ghadir. He scored two goals against the invaders. Thank ‎you Muhammad, and may Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad.”‎