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Policeman who participated in Ramallah lynching praised on PA TV as “heroic”

Official PA TV program Link in a Chain visited the home of prisoner Hatem Al-Maghari.

Official PA TV host: “This is the heroic prisoner Hatem Al-Maghari, who was born in Rafah on Dec. 20, 1980, and grew up in the Tel Al-Sultan neighborhood. Fate willed that he be arrested on his birthday as he was planning to return from the West Bank to Gaza through the Beit Hanoun crossing, and he was sentenced for life.”

A poster showing Al-Maghari and Yasser Arafat, with the caption, “Greetings to those who made sacrifices for victory [in Arabic, fatah]. The Palestinian National Liberation Movement – Fatah, Rafah branch, Department of Prisoners’ Affairs. Dedicated to Hatem Al-Maghari.”

Hatem’s nephew: “I, Shahed Al-Maghari, am the son of [Hatem’s] brother, Ramzi. I say to my uncle, Hatem: Allah willing, you will get out [of prison] safely. Allah willing, liberation is near. I say to my uncle Hatem: You are a hero, a hero. Oh Lord, let him get out safely.”