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PA TV program discusses whether ‎there should be limits to freedom of ‎expression for Palestinian journalists

Official PA TV program Media Café hosted ‎Bassem Abu Al-Rub, a journalist for ‎WAFA, the official PA news agency on ‎the issue of freedom of the press in the ‎PA media establishment:
Official PA TV host: “I would like to dwell a ‎bit longer on this freedom [of the press]. ‎OK, you think there is freedom in the ‎governmental media establishment. ‎During your time [at the WAFA news ‎agency], over the past five years, did you ‎ever have an article withdrawn, a report ‎censored, or did you ever receive ‎comments from your editors on a topic you ‎covered?”‎
Bassem Abu Al-Rub: “Not an entire article, ‎just parts, a few parts that were censored ‎due to general policy, editorial policy.”‎
Official PA TV host [interrupts him]: “That ‎is, we can’t say there is complete ‎freedom.”‎
Bassem Abu Al-Rub: “Of course, of ‎course. Nowhere does freedom exist ‎completely. Even at home, one is with ‎one’s wife, and there is no complete ‎freedom.”‎
Official PA TV host [chuckling]: “I mean at ‎work.”‎
Bassem Abu Al-Rub: “I’m telling you: No ‎matter where you go, there is no complete ‎or absolute freedom. Everything in our ‎lives is limited.” […]‎
Official PA TV host [interrupts him]: “If you ‎worked for a private, non-governmental ‎media institution, what difference would ‎that make for you? What would it add to ‎your experience?”‎
Bassem Abu Al-Rub: “If [I were working for ‎a private media institution] I would be ‎dealing with some of the issues relating to ‎the social fabric, I would address other ‎topics.”‎
Official PA TV host: “Those who have ‎been following WAFA over the past years ‎can see that there has been progress and ‎development on their website, in the ‎coverage techniques and in the way the ‎news are presented. There is also more ‎space for freedom [of the press], but this is ‎not enough. We need more freedom, ‎right?”‎
Bassem Abu Al-Rub: “Of course we need ‎more freedom, but not absolute freedom. ‎Absolute freedom, like everything that ‎oversteps its boundaries, is ‎counterproductive…”‎
Official PA TV host [interrupts him]: “What ‎is your problem with freedom? Is there a ‎journalist who has a problem with freedom ‎‎[of the press]?”‎
Bassem Abu Al-Rub: “It’s not [about] ‎freedom; I’m [talking about] self-‎censorship.”‎
Official PA TV host: “What self-‎censorship?”‎
Bassem Abu Al-Rub: “I’m telling you this ‎is self-censorship… Because many times ‎we dealt with [breaks off] Facebook ‎destroyed all [breaks off] and [we] deal ‎with matters that harm the citizen, his ‎rights, and even journalists’ rights. We can ‎be exposed to a lot of criticism. I don’t ‎know if you follow the newspapers – there ‎is a lot of criticism. But let us continue to ‎have self-censorship, which I told you ‎about before.”‎