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PMW played important role in US court case holding PA responsible for terror attacks

Bob Unruh  |
PMW played important role in US court case
holding PA respondible for terror attacks

Headline: U.S. jury: Palestinian groups liable for terror attacks‎

by Bob Unruh

A jury in Manhattan has found the Palestine Liberation Organization and the ‎Palestinian Authority liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages from terror ‎attacks a decade ago…

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik wrote at Palestinian Media Watch that the ‎organization had submitted expert opinions to the court as well as translations of ‎Palestinian television videos showing “promotion of terror.”

‎“In addition, PMW provided documentation of the PA’s support for terror and ‎acceptance of responsibility after the terror attacks. PMW showed that the PA ‎celebrates terror attacks and rewards terrorists with high salaries and other benefits, ‎including some of the terrorists involved in the specific terror attacks of this lawsuit.” ‎‎[…]

PMW said, “Having monitored, documented, and reported to governments and the ‎media on the PA’s direct promotion of murder of Israelis, glorifying and rewarding of ‎the terrorists with high salaries, PMW is gratified to have been a part of this important ‎fight for justice.”‎