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PA MP Karake: US court ruling that PA must pay terror victims “sets a dangerous precedent and contradicts international law”‎

On Feb. 23, 2015, the US Federal District Court in New York ruled that the Palestinian Authority is financially liable for $655 million in damages to victims of terror attacks. 10 American families who are all victims or related to victims of Palestinian terror, sued the PA for damages, saying that the PA was responsible for the terror attacks in which they were personally injured or their relatives were killed during the years of the PA terror campaign (Intifada, 2000-2005).

Headline: "Karake: American and Israeli courts put the legitimate Palestinian struggle on trial"‎

‎"Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs Director Issa Karake said that the ‎recent ruling of the American court in New York, according to which the PA must pay 218 million ‎dollars in compensation to [the families of] those killed, who were US citizens and served in the ‎Israeli army, sets a dangerous precedent that contradicts international law. In addition, he called [the ‎case] a political lawsuit against the legitimate Palestinian national struggle, which is sanctioned by ‎international law and UN resolutions.‎
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Karake said it was forbidden to deal with or appear before these courts, since their objective is to ‎harm the PLO's standing and to define the Palestinian people's resistance to the occupation as a ‎criminal act.‎
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Karake said that these Americans had oppressed and killed the Palestinian people in the ranks of ‎the occupation forces, and that they are the ones who should appear before the international courts ‎and pay compensation to the Palestinian victims. Karake noted that Palestine is now a country under ‎occupation, and UN resolutions have established that resisting occupation in order to achieve self-‎determination and independence is a legitimate right...‎
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Karake wondered how it is possible that the courts have targeted the identity of the national ‎struggle of the Palestinian people, turning all its sacrifices into crimes and acts of [criminal] gangs...‎
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Karake noted that the Palestinian people has fallen victim to political extortion, and that it is fitting ‎that we start suing Israeli officers, soldiers and officials in the courts of countries whose laws allow ‎for it, and that we hurry to turn to the International Criminal Court in order to sue the occupation ‎army and its commanders for the war crimes they perpetrated and continue to perpetrate against ‎our people..."‎
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