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39% of Palestinian households watch PA TV on a daily basis

"Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)
Palestinian Culture Day 2015

On the eve of the Palestinian Culture Day, 13th March 2015, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics – following statistical review on culture of households and persons based on the Culture Survey Findings for 2014, presents the results as follows:
A Noticeable Rise in Percentage of Listeners to the Voice of Palestine in 2014 compared with 2009
The percentage of persons aged 10 years and above who listen to the Voice of Palestine increased to 54.9% compared to 27.8% in 2009.

About Four out of every 10 Households with a TV Set Watch Palestine TV [PA TV] on a Daily Basis
17.2% of households who have a TV set watch local television stations. Data also showed that 39.1% of households with a TV set watch Palestine TV [PA TV] on a daily basis: 44.1% for the West Bank and 29.3% for Gaza Strip. In comparison with 2009 this percentage was 25.3%."