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PA MP defends Palestinian use of violence against Israel as “legitimate” self-defense

“Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs Director [and PA Parliament Member] Issa Karake said today, Tuesday [March 3, 2015] that the Commission and all the institutions working [to aid] the detainees have decided not to cooperate with the compensation policy the Israeli military courts have begun implementing against the prisoners…
Karake called this policy ‘dangerous,’ stating that its purpose was to define the legitimate Palestinian national struggle against the occupation as a crime, to extort money and harm the legitimacy of the Palestinian people’s right to defend itself from the mounting Israeli aggression against our Palestinian nation. He [Karake] said: ‘The occupation’s courts and the Israeli legal system are instruments for the deepening of the occupation and its preservation, under the cover of a so-called “law.” The victim must not pay the price for protecting our legal rights, and it is the occupation that must pay for the continuation of its occupation and aggression.’”